Goodbye and Hello


It might seem strange to start our very first blog post with the word: ‘goodbye’, but we felt we needed to start at the very beginning.


You may know our story; how we got to be the new proud ‘parents’ of this girls wear brand and what our lives held before, and if you don’t, here is an account of our journey thus far.


It is a sad fact that after 17 years of giving our lives and so much more to our former kids fashion brand, no added sugar, that we had to unexpectedly close in January 2018. What devastation! One day we’re running full pelt and then within weeks we’d come to the end of the line.  So one cold January day we, and our devoted team, shell-shocked, cleared our desks for the final time and headed off in to the unknown.


I believe that one’s past does not need define who you are today but we are proud of what nas was and its achievements and are happy to be defined by them.


And so The Middle Daughter is born.


Unlike no added sugar which could be compared to a smooth natural birth, TMD was more of an unexpected arrival, you may well have had one or both of those real-life experiences?! But in some ways we look at it as a fortuitous opportunity. It is not what we would have chosen (we’re not that barmy) but, as quoted by the Dalai Lama,  ‘sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck’. We love that. We’ll have to see if that rings true here. But we have embraced this starting anew lark and without the restraints of a fair sized business, that no added sugar became, it actually feels very exciting. As a new business we have agility, which in itself is liberating; we can be what we want and the task of designing just girls wear is exactly what we want to do!


Our intention is to offer you fashion-forward styles beautifully made. The Middle Daughter style will be imbued with a pared-back-ness yet married with our urge to create something stand-out.


If you are familiar with no added sugars history you may know that we began when we had our first baby, he was the inspiration.  The idea essentially was to create some fun baby wear, and in doing so became aware that there was actually a gap in the market for something different. Back then, some 18 years ago, you almost wouldn’t believe what limited choice there was. There were not many exciting kids brands at all, and the one’s that were were generally European/international. Think of most of the kids brands you know and the likelihood is that they just hadn’t arrived yet. The UK market for sure was only just working up an appetite for more. The ‘reception party’ nas had was overwhelming so we forged a lovely business alongside juggling babies on knees, and that’s what we did for 17 years.


Our oldest boy is now almost 19; we have two teenage boys and TMD is the new baby, the daughter that I never had (ha ha). Life moves on.


This blog is our very first blog ever. It was one of those things that we never got around to before, always on ‘the to do list’. I’ll be the author and I really hope you’ll muse with me about all the stuff that’s going on in both TMD and the world at large. I plan to share musings on all the things TMD is passionate about; fashion, art, wellbeing, spirituality, and of course our world in this kids fashion land. I will invite other creatives in the kids fashion arena to share their stories too so I hope this will become a fun and informative space that you’ll want to visit. My overriding intention is to be open-minded, honest, inspiring, hopefully thought-provoking at times, and lastly, regular. I feel the latter will be the hardest part…!


We launch the collection in-stores globally in early August and it will be available online at the end of July. Subscribe and you’ll be told when.

We hope you’ll stick around and become a part of this new adventure with us. Let’s see where we get to?!


Love Deborah x