Feeling guilty that we haven’t posted a blog for while. So much going on! Is that a good enough excuse…? We are in the midst of selling season with 3 trade shows under the belt. Taking us in-out-in-out of the studio. It’s a challenging time for wellbeing this trade show lark. Usual start the day well routines have to be aborted and virtuous diets compromised. When you meet up with customers just on a twice a year basis you want to look your best but instead show up pretty haggard. We’re sure they wouldn’t recognise us out of selling season.


In between two of said shows, we moved office and house. (Said breezily). Soon to be moving the warehouse too. O Lordy, spinning plates.

We’ve uprooted from our intensely green and ‘with-nature’ house to a city town house. What a revelation to be bang in the heart of the city with all we need almost an arm’s reach away. We’d forgotten. It’s been a while. A little stroll to the office each day with shop windows to peer in in place of fields and mud. Love both. But very excited about daily dressing without constraint. The ‘can’t wear those shoes, too muddy. ‘Need thicker layers, too windy’ considerations can deliciously fall by the wayside. A breath of fresh air this city living. If we can say that?


This interesting kaleidoscope-esque image shot by Anna Palma for ET Magazine kind of summed up how life feels at the moment; an ever changing view. Looking at things from a different perspective.


I love change. I’m not very good at standing still. I know others struggle with change but when one’s life changes a lot, as ours has, when it doesn’t come for a while I start to yearn for something different to happen. The need to feel that something is changing. I buy in to the stance that if we don’t create change how can we have those new opportunities? In the event nothing new is happening I highly recommend moving the furniture around. It really helps, for a bit.


Image © Anna Palma