Bit embarrassing really but we’ve lost the phone. We have an idea where it could be, and I’ll get to that in a little while. Being only weeks in from launching the collection online it’s not really the best situation is it? What must you think of us? Thankfully in this age of technology like we’ve never known before, calling us is probably the last option anyone will choose to ‘speak’ to us. Let’s hope so anyway. I did call it yesterday and the ansaphone is still in action so at least we don’t appear to have dropped off the planet



All Tomorrows Parties Dress



But let’s move away from that blunder and instead focus on what a wonderful few weeks it’s been. We’ve launched, we’ve sold, we’ve seen gorgeous images of kids in the range and received such heart-warming and generous messages. Thank you. It’s been utterly smashing!



Everything But The Girl Dress
Xanthe and Margot, London



It’s certainly different in the studio, Clemmie says the world has come in. She’s right, our time is now not our own, but in a good way. Tissue paper and oversize ‘D Print’ stickers have become part of our daily ritual. We are not complaining.



Moving On Dress 
Everleigh McDonnel, Beverly Hills



Smashing has been The Middle Daughters word of the week. Sadly not all ‘good-smashing’. We had the front bumper of our car suddenly dragged off by the side of a bus. Whopping bang and screech of metal on metal. We had turned our heads to look at something and the next thing we knew we were drawing sharp intakes of breath and little screams to discover the large side panel of a bus was on our bumper. O my. Big repair job.



Repeat After Me Sweat
Clem, London



So this post, a relatively brief one, is all about the kids. It’s sharing with you here some of those images that have made us coo, delight and swell with pride.



Moving on Dress Korea
Boon Jr, South Korea



Some are beautifully styled and professionally taken, and others just simple home snaps. We love both types. Keep on sending.



 Make up your mind dress
Sadhbh, Ireland



O and back to the phone bit. We think it’s in the car – now in Crawley on a ramp having body work. It hasn’t turned up anywhere else since, so our monies on that theory. Once car is returned we’ll be back to take calls on the blower. Funny how things go.


Header Image shot by @leoniefreemanphoto, styled by @traceyjacob1, HMU @hesterhandmadehome