• How do you do

    We are now so close to our launch – we will actually have a product to sell online in days. Blimey, that took some time…. Seriously it’s a long game fashion, at the best of times, but setting up a new business and weaving together all the elements just takes time. We started work on this brand back in Spring 2018 and here we are, finally.

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  • Show-ing a collection - 2

    Confessions and apologies – let’s get them out of the way. Confessing that we are now 4’ish weeks from posting our last ‘bi-weekly’ blog post (wincing a little as I write that), and apologising for having fallen down so soon. Here’s the excuse - and relevant to this post – we’ve been away at trade shows excitedly showing our Spring Summer ‘20 collection...

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  • Sow-ing a Collection - 1


    Have your kids had that amazing classic 1960’s illustrated book ‘What do people do all day?’ by Richard Scarry? (it’s still in publication) My boys, and me, were so enthralled with the little stories that each chapter told of busy people’s lives from the loggers to the fire fighters...

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  • Goodbye & Hello

    It might seem strange to start our very first blog post with the word: ‘goodbye’, but we felt we needed to start at the very beginning...

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