Spring Summer 24 is The Middle Daughters love letter to childhood memories.

This summer, at this age, will pass but once. In her whole lifetime.

At any age, we only have one season to be in. What a profound thought?

We muse and become curious, 

we wonder about those inscrutable, yet indelible childhood memories

and how they shape all that is to come.

The clean brights of the colour palette suggest clarity, a presence.

And our hand-painted prints tell thier own stories of the past and the yet to be.

The ‘Willow Pattern’, inspired by our own fond childhood memories

of the tableware we ate of 

and the ‘Exotic Bird Stamps’ print, which plays with the notion of collecting,

are a gathering of individual parts, precious or otherwise.


As Seen In...

"The innate compulsion that I have to create pieces that draw attention is very much embedded in the The Middle Daughter DNA"

Deborah Medhurst, Creative Director

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