• Forgive me, Mr Morris – the inspiration behind our AW20 print

    Many moons ago when I was 18 or 19 my college mate got me a Saturday job at Sanderson’s fabric showroom in Berners Street. I loved the spaciousness and light of the double height 1950’s showroom but didn’t care one jot for the old fashioned 19th century designer William Morris fabrics that we sold.

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  • MEET & GREET – Petra Barkhof

    When we think of Petra Barkhof we see colour. A prominent figure in kids fashion land with an extensive career in art direction and fashion styling, Petra is a walking mood board in herself. Sporting a white bob with blue tips and invariably dressed in something bright and bold, statement jewellery and pearls of laughter, you notice. She makes you curious.

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  • KALEIDOSCOPE - An ever changing view


    Feeling guilty that we haven’t posted a blog for while. So much going on! Is that a good enough excuse…? We are in the midst of selling season with 3 trade shows under the belt. Taking us in-out-in-out of the studio. It’s a challenging time for wellbeing this trade show lark.

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  • Sorry we're not here to take your call



    Bit embarrassing really but we’ve lost the phone. We have an idea where it could be, and I’ll get to that in a little while. Being only weeks in from launching the collection online it’s not really the best situation is it? What must you think of us?

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  • MEET & GREET - Jessica Mahaffey

    Welcome to the first of our Meet & Greet posts. Here we will introduce you to a smorgasbord of deliciously delightful people who we find inspiring. We’ll share what we’ve gleaned about their worlds and hopefully whet your appetite to return to Musings and meet someone new.

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  • How do you do

    We are now so close to our launch – we will actually have a product to sell online in days. Blimey, that took some time…. Seriously it’s a long game fashion, at the best of times, but setting up a new business and weaving together all the elements just takes time. We started work on this brand back in Spring 2018 and here we are, finally.

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